Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's been a wet weekend in these part of the world. It was raining the whole day of sunday. What made it great was that, I got to rest plus the cool winds the rain brings ... perfect. Just perfect for a restful weekend with coffee on the side plus a good book. I am currently reading Jessica Zafra's book "Manananggal Terrorizes Manila". A very interesting book and the stories were written by this talented and witty author just added zest to an day of heavy downpour. Another good thing about the rain and what goes with it is that we didnt experience any power interruptions. Usually we get power interruptions when there is a strong rain. But the weekend, nah .. didnt happen. Thank God, as i live in planned community where I own my own house and if one house cuts, so do the rest.

Like they say: Don't read the news! Well that is what i am going to do since the news this days are nothing but bad news and it brings discouragement whenever I go about it. But I cant simply just deny this realities because they are happening ... i cant do anything about it but do some little changes in my own littel way. It maybe a small thing that I can contribute but at least i am doing something